Your safety in your hands


From €9.00/ month

Protect your personal and professional space with our cloud video surveillance solution integrated integrated with our broadband.


Watch over your space 24/7, every day of the year.
With MobilWatch®, film without having to install a device in your premises.


You can watch what is happening in your business or home from anywhere at any time from your computer, smartphone or tablet. View all your cameras in a mosaic, even if they are in different locations, filming without having to install a video recorder or local memories that could be stolen. All included as part of a monthly plan.
The most advanced safety features within your reach without needing a call centre, receive video alerts, turn sensors on and off remotely and automatically manage turned-off devices.


Receive video alarms directly to your devices so you can view the current situation of any incidence.


Schedule recordings.
Turn sensors on and off. Manage your cameras.

If you would like a free one-month trial, feel free to contact us on (+34) 968 956 000.


You can use a Plug & Play camera. Just connect it to the Internet and start making use of our service. Extra anti-hacker protection included.


Forget about the typical problems usually associated with local recordings (robbery, breakage, lack of maintenance, videos not being filmed correctly, etc.).


Advanced safety elements to protect your videos in the cloud, which you can access easily and intuitively.


No need for investments. The system starts working immediately and you will only pay a monthly cost per camera.


Unlimited recording capacity, starting with a basic package of 10GB (7 days with VGA quality and 5 fps), which can be extended in blocks of 10GB.


Control your cameras: zoom in and move your pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras or view recordings. All from your smartphone or tablet.