Without permanence

In Carthagosat you are not subject to permanence. You can leave whenever you want.

Movistar coverage

You will have coverage in 98% of the Spanish territory.

Final Price

Without changes or detours, always pay the same for your rate.

Caballo rate

Get off to a great start with the CABALLO rate. With unlimited calls and 40 GB you won’t have to worry about a thing. As if that were not enough, the calls made to national landlines and mobiles within the voucher include the call establishment.

You can also add to your rate …
As Bonus: for 1 euro per month, add an extra 15GB to your rate and enjoy it forever.

After 3000 minutes:

5 cents / min
20 cent / stable
12 cent / SMS
61 cents / international SMS

Exceeded 40 GB you can continue browsing without cuts 1GB more at 16 kbps courtesy of Carthagosat.