Without permanence

In Carthagosat you are not subject to permanence. You can leave whenever you want.

Movistar coverage

You will have coverage in 98% of the Spanish territory.

Final Price

Without changes or detours, always pay the same for your rate.

Rey rate

You want it all and you know it. Well nothing, here it is. We present the REY, that rate that you will not finish. With 60GB at 3G / 4G speed, you will not need to download our super app for consumption control. But since humanity does not live on megabytes alone, you have unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles.

This month add to your rate …
As Bonus: Now for 1 euro per month, add an extra 20GB to your rate. With the Ace bonus, enjoy more gigs forever.

After 6000 minutes:

5 cents / min
20 cent / stable
12 cent / SMS
61 cents / international SMS

Exceeded 60 GB you can continue browsing without cuts 1GB more at 16 kbps courtesy of Carthagosat.